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Print ID 676
Title Raphaelis Sanctij Urbinatis Planetarium
Location II: 059
Associated People (click to see information) Designer
Publication Location Rome
Publication Date 1695
Evidence of Publication Date
plate length (mm) 291
plate width (mm) 217
Technique engraving with etching
Text on print LUDOVICO DUCI BURGUNDIAE SIC NOMEN LODOICE TVVM ET TVA LILIA FVLGENT Ra. Vrbinas jnu. Raphaelis Sanctij Urbinatis Planetarium opere musiuo elaboratum Romae in sacello Chisiorum Templi B.V.Mariae de Populo, delineatum, et jncisum a Nicolao Dorigny gallo, et ab eodem dicatum. N. Dorigny del., Sculp. et excudit Romae Sup. perm. An. 1695. 1
Condition fine
Subject Index Title page to the Raphael Planetarium; planets; Church of S Maria del Populo, Rome, Chighi chapel
references V Roma, S. Maria del Popolo 1
Notes Printed in red.


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