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Print ID 5908
Title Cieraten boven de baesreleven
Location XLIX: 034
Image No image is available for this print
Associated People (click to see information) Designer
Publication Location Amsterdam
Publication Date 0
Evidence of Publication Date
plate length (mm)
plate width (mm)
Technique Etching
Text on print E
Condition c1
Subject Index Details of sculptural ornament by Artus Quellinus in the Courtroom of Amsterdam Town Hall: two Medusa heads and an all-seeing eye.
references W. Kuyper, 'Dutch Classicist Architecture', 1980, pp. 212-14. Hollstein, Dutch, XVII, p. 288, 5.
Notes Prints bound in full vellum: Jacob Vennekool, 'Afbeelding van't Stadt Huys van Amsterdam' (first published 1661); and Hubertus Quellinus, 'Praecipuarum effigierum ac ornamentorum amplissimae Curiae Amstelrodamensis...', part 1 (first published 1655) and part 2 (first published 1663). The editions in this volume were published by Frederick de Widt, who changed the dates on the Quellinus prints to 1665 and 1668. Clarke has noted the date at which he purchased the volume: 'Empt: Amstelodami 14 Junij styl: novo 1706 26 fl 6d'. Kuyper suggests a reprint in 1706 on the basis of this note. On the Town Hall, now the Royal Palace, see: K. Fremantle, 'The Baroque Town Hall of Amsterdam' (Utrecht, 1959).


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